Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This life is more than just a read through

A little bit to share with you all. First I will start off with a few pages.
All made with the studio calico Take Note line. In love. My hubby and son and daughter on Father's day last year. Yes it takes me a whole year to scrap holidays. Sometimes longer. (hangs head in shame) Hahaha!

Also made with Studio Calico Take note. I love the wood veener shapes. Yummy! My son Aeden at the park. His face is priceless. He really enjoys himself. It makes me so happy to see joy in their eyes.

This is what we do on a lazy sunday morning. Art.

How was your NSD? Mine was super awesome. Hung out with great scrappy friends. I know I always say this but this hobby has brought so many awesome people into my life. Blessed.
Just a few highlights of the debachery that went down that day. It went by way to fast.

Here is my NSD outfit. Lace leggings and a blue dress... Sorry this isnt a great shot. lol! Thats what I get for taking it myself.

So share your NSD with me! :)



Michelle Hernandez said...

I had so much fun last weekend! I sent the cutie patootie to grandma's for the weekend and spent the entire time locked away in my scrap corner- I only came out to see Avengers. :) It was nice to feel like a 16 year old again. LOVE these pages! Did you see the new Sc collection? You'll LOVE it! It's all peaches and sunny yellows- gorgeous! Love both these pages but the photo in the second makes that one a fave- he does look like he's having more fun than anyone else I know. :)

Ashley Newell said...

Gorgeous layouts and beautiful pictures! Miss you!

danielle said...


Anonymous said...

love love your layouts and your NSD outfit! too cute!

Emma Miya said...

oops..that is me up there ...(beth perry/emma miya). you were my first comment since i started my new blog (with typepad). i came back to see if anything was missing. my photo! haha
hope you have a fun weekend planned! STILL loving that outfit. :-)