Thursday, April 26, 2007


So I'm tagged twice by jess...Fun!

Here are 7 random things about me...

1. I'm a shop-a-holic...Really truly i am. I need help i think. But i really don't wanna change lol!

2.I love ice cold water. Even as a kid i wouldn't drink soda or juice it was always water.

3. I love fruit and veggies...I could eat a basket of fruit and veggies in one sitting.

4. I ♥ My grandma...She is the bestes grandma in the world.

5. I love music...And also i cry about everything. You know dumbo? Well i always cry when she sings baby mine...I'm a big baby!

6. My mil was the most awesome lovely women I have ever met in my life and i was truly blessed to have her.

7. My kids make me laugh everyday.

Weird things....

1. I cant stand to touch raw meat. I hate it it makes me wanna puke. So needless to say i don't cook to much of it. If i do i wear gloves. When i grab meat in the grocery store i have to put the bag over my hand and double bag it so that it doesn't have any way of leaking on me and I'm not actually touching the packaging.

2.Ok i forgot this one...I would love to time travel...I love history and would love to go back in each decade and wear the clothes and live like them for a month. That would be sooo awesome!

3. I ♥ salt...I eat it on lemons, green apples, and i love the limon salt packets that u get from Mexico.

4. I use to hate onions but now i love them cooked.

5. I have a weird hiccup burp thing that sounds like a small dog is stuck in my throat.

6. I love to read and often get so lost in books that it feels like i am in the story.

7. I believe fairies, monsters, unicorns, and other such mythical creatures are real...(or wish they were).

8. I hate being told what to do. If u tell me what to do i probably wont do it...hehehe not really weird but ya know.

9. I ♥ horror movies...Even cheesey ones. I cant get enough.

10. I have an obsession with bettie page...Im sure most would think this weird but i dont. She was truly a legend she dared to do what not to many other women would do. Gotta love someone who goes against the norm.

There ya go. OK i have more but it said 10 lol!

So now i have to tag 7 people...

Im gonna try to do ppl who havent been tagged...Umm micayla, kristi, cathy, melissa, misty, kelly, and happy amy. Have fun girls!


Emine_Pala_Art_22 said...

Well you are pretty weird too LIKE ME LOL...
I hate to touch raw meat too... I wash my hand as soon as I touched one YUK...

Anonymous said...

I love fairies unicorns!! And I know there real!!!I wish you could see my house marie its full of fairies etc...I have this amazing friend called ella risebrow (google her) She has done the most amazing models of the kids as fairies out of polymer!! She has drawn us as fairiees to.I have 2 spell books and a cauldren.HHHmmm I actually sound a little weird but Im not!!
xoxoox me

Jessica said...

We think alike in a lot of ways Marie! - love my grandma!
I used to live in AZ when I was a kid- for about a year so I'v ehad thos elemon salt packs- loved them! My sis and I used to lick the packs clean! what about those salt covered fruit pits- what are they called?.....salitos or something like that.