Friday, August 5, 2011

Hope you find that missing piece

Halloween you say? Why yes. It is never to late to create something fun and spooky! I LOVE Halloween! I of course will be doing my halloween decorating come October 1st and I have a few new things up my sleeve for the mantel. I got my hands on the new Authentique Halloween line, Glowing. It is simply marvelous! I love the colors and elegant shapes. I am a shabby kinda gal and this company screams my name.

I used a michaels wood frame ($1.00) and every bit of paper you see on here is from the Glowing line.

Have you checked out their products yet? They are a new company with years of experince! Seriously.

My big test is Saturday! I have been practicing here and there. I feel confident in it and that has got me scared! All the class 2's and #8's I have made have been passing. Lets just hope it stays that way!

On my journey through this life I have grown in so many ways. The older I get the more I appreciate life. Isnt that how it usually goes? I am always trying to remain positive and tell myself that no matter what, it could be worse. Live by that. In that way I feel truly blessed.

I read an article the other day about a brother and sister who drowned. 7 & 8. I wanted to cry. It hurt my heart so deeply. I could only think of the mother and the pain she must be in. The hole in her heart that will be there forever. I could never imagine losing a child let alone both. My heart aches for her and those children. Things like this happen every day. As terribly sad as it is it makes me hug my children tighter and thank god for the blessings in my life. I am so greatful I have what I have, be it a lot or a little.

I am determined to stay positive through all my trials and tribulations. No job yet but maybe that is because the right one hasnt come along. Life is good. I am here. Living. I am loved and I love. Now isnt that all we need?



Suzy West said...

Love your post! So beautiful! Just like you!! Your project rocks!!

Fauve Design said...

That is super cool,i love Halloween!

Gina Lideros said...

this is awesome Marie. I really love the layering and the outline glow around the bat's body. The Glowing line was perfect for this!

Tricia Wilson said...

I love this Marie. You can surrender it to me any time (preferably BEFORE Halloween). :-)