Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just like the clouds, our eyes will do the same

Sunday, my day off. I love Sundays. They go by way to fast tho. boo to that. Sundays are days of relaxing. I like to create and sit on my couch. Not that I dont like that do that every day lol!
I made this page for A Million Memories. Just one of many. That dear lizzy line lite a fire under my little creating fingers. Ha! I like how this one turned out.

Today is April 1st. I must say I do not pull any pranks. I always want to but feel like it would just be a waste of time. My husband on the other hand always does. He does his famous "I photo shopped the front page of yahoo so there is some crazy news story on there." He gets me for a second. I think its pretty clever tho and love that he does it every year.

How bout you? Any epic pranks? Every one is still asleep, I am thinking of running through the house yelling fire! Hmmmm...

Oh lastly forgot to share the Hambly sketch. Did you check it out? I love what the girls did with it.


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Ashley Newell said...

Beautiful layouts, friend! I love them both!