Friday, April 13, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice

Hello friends! Have a little bit of stuff to share with you. This page I made with the dear Lizzy line for A million Memories. I love this pic of my mom and Aria.

Santa Cruz CA. This was the only reason I agreed to go on the stupid Ferris wheel. To get some awesome pics. I hate them. They scare the crap out of me. I love scary rides but for some reason this one freaks me out. It isn't suppose to be scary, I know. It feels like there isn't enough straps or surroundings or something! LOL! Anyway I got some great pics none the less.

Today is Friday the 13 Th. Let me tell you I really thought yesterday should've been and let me explain why. Started out at 11 am in a town I was born in. A man held up in his home shot 2 people through the door and killed them. One deputy and one locksmith. It was still going on around 11 pm last night. Last I seen there was a fire in the house he was in. Crazy. There was also a shooting in Sacramento 2 injured and that one ended up with the guy getting killed. Stockton had a tornado warning and it hailed like crazy. Oh and I got in a 3 car accident on the freeway. Nice right? Yeah. A dude in a small car (honda maybe) raced around to pass me. Got in the slow lane where there was another car about a car length head of me. Swerved back into my lane. Almost hit me but didn't. He over corrected hit her, fishtailed, side swiped my drivers side. I tried to avoid his spinning car, went off the road into a chain link fence. Knocked down 5 of the poles before I came to a stop. The whole time I was hitting the poles I was thinking "I am going to die". Oh the joys of having to commute to work. I am a little sore but my van still is running and got me home. I honestly felt like the guy should've been dead and I should have been majorly hurt. But we weren't. For that I know I had angels around me. (I wish I wouldn't have been so upset and thought to take a pic of the fence!)I am thankful its not worse. So that is my not so fun adventure. I don't believe Friday the 13Th is a unlucky day...But Thursday the 12Th I am not so sure about! *wink*


phinner said...

I'm glad you're ok Marie! keep thinking about those angels!!! I hope today is a better day!

Ashley Newell said...

Beautiful layout! I love the colors and all the blocks.

Yikes about the car accident! I hope his insurance is going to cover the damage to your van! Hugs!

danielle said...

awk! So glad you're okay! Scary!!!!!

Michelle Hernandez said...

I really like both this and the Purple Girl pages! I love the unexpected color in the first an the squares layout for this page is fantastic. I'm glad to hear you are ok- that IS very scary! Michelle Clement is one of my favorite designers! It's so cool you've met her!