Monday, June 17, 2013

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

Back again with a post from Scrap Jacked. The video you all have been waiting for (yeah right). It's not great, and far from perfect. A lot like me. Hehehe! It is something tho. I tried. I really like doing them. They prove to be a challenge. I really need a video camera. Anyway here ya go.

The finished page.

I really enjoyed making this background. If you would like the cut file I created here ya go...Cut File

I finished the cover to my Happy Little moments book. I really like how it turned out. I struggled with it for a day or so. I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint, cover it, or leave it tan. In the end you can see I painted it and added modeling paste with a triangle stencil. LOVE how that turned out. I love modeling paste. My fav thing. It's a little messy but super fun.

I received so many lovely comments and likes on my IG. Thank you!!

To start our summer off right we went to the fair. Sadly my kids have never been. Reason is I have 4. Fairs are not cheap. 25 dollars a kid to ride rides. Plus admission, plus parking, food, drinks, games... Yeah! It is very expensive. We made it happen tho. They quite enjoyed themselves.

One of my pictures was shared by my city (Stockton Ca) and received 620 likes! Really cool.



julie e said...

Love yolur cover - makes me wish I had time to start my project

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Loved your video! Such a sweet page! And hooray for getting to hear your voice! I hope you make more! : )

Love the cover too!

Happy Summer to you guys!
Love from the NJ Shore,
xo Jenny

Unknown said...

Gorgeous page, downloading the file THANK YOU!!!
And about to watch the video :)