Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gather up your tears, keep em in your pocket

I said I was going to re-think how I do my journaling. Well I should say I am going to try to journal more. FYI it's been hard, but I managed to journal on this page. YAY! It was quite difficult. Sadly it is not very much journaling either. Lame on my part. However I do like it.
They have this great park here in Stockton with a HUGE fountain that the kids can run through and get absolutely soaked!

We have such a great time there and it's free! Haha I am all about free. I sometimes am tempted to wear some shorts and a tank and run through it myself. Alas I don't wear shorts. My legs are terrible! Hate hate hate them.

If my legs were nice I would so be in that dang fountain! I may one day just run through it in my pants. *wink*

Do you have a awesome place in your city you like to go?

I passed my RDA! YESSSSSSSS! I am so super excited. I still have a few obstacles to get over to get my license, but the best part is no more tests! Going to get my fingerprints done today. After that just need to renew my cpr license and then I'm golden!

I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday Gina came and picked me up and she drove us (Tricia and Ashley) to AIS. Ginger and Diane were already scrappin away when we got there.

Ashley, Ginger and I had a funtastic time. Laughing, scrappin and eating way to much. I tried chow fun. Scraped 1 page. Yes 1. Lovely time.

Sunday the hubs and I got up and went to the flea market. They had so many vintage suitcases it was insane. I didn't get one tho. *sad face* I didn't even ask the price. I wanted to save my little bit of change for me and hubby to get a burger at 5 guys and we did. YUM! I love Sundays with my man.

Came home swam and watched Scream 4. Not bad. Wasn't expecting to much from it so I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Ha! It is getting close to one of my fav times of year so you know there will be lots of horror flicks in my future. Yay!



Unknown said...

yayyy for horror flicks! I love them!! It sounds like you had a really fun weekend! I love your new layout, great job on the journaling! :D

Ashley Newell said...

I love your layout! What fun pictures of Aria! Very cute!

I love the pictures of us! I'm stealing them!

kim c said...

Congrats, Marie.

And I know what you mean about journaling...its one thing I struggle with too.