Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting ready?

For thanksgiving? Do you cook for people at your house or go somewhere? I'am going to my mom's this year...My cousin and I were talking about Christmas past and how wonderful they use to be. Her family stopped coming by to my families and now its just my mom, my sister, my grandma, and my lil family. It kinda makes me sad. I love my cousins so much. They are more like my sisters then my cousins. Anyway enough of my whimpering lol!

Thought this was a cute lil thanksgiving quiz thing....

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Ordinary, comforting, and more than a little predictable
You're the glue that holds everyone together.

Oh yeah before I forget...I made it to the catwalk on sistv! Woot!!! Super excited about that! Also the next challenge for scrapmojo is up! Gotta check it out is super easy and so fitting for Thanksgiving. The girls did such a awesomely wonderful job on it! We have a guest Mojo girl who is super awesome...Mj go check out what she did with our little challenge and show her some luv. Here is my take...

It's kinda cold here today...My feet are frozed! I need some socks on...So my sweet blogger friends I hope you are warm and safe this holiday week!



Colleen said...

Happy Early Thanksgiving! Ours is over and done with in October, so we don't have any craziness this week! We do one with my family and they cook and then DH's family comes here and we cook as well as his mum.

The ScrapMojo challenge looks great and perfect for this time of year! Love the distressing part!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Congrads on the catwalk!! That rocks..=) Also, cool scrap resume! I meant to get back to you on that but I seriously had e-mails piled up to the 3 digits this morning and am still digging through...lol..it looks great! =) Thanks for the happy wedding wishes, too..I'll share pics when I get them back!! =)

Darlene said...

I love your little sign! It's too freakin cute!

Oh and I got mashed potatoes, too! Everyone is coming to my house on Thursday, but the good thing is that I only have to make mashed potatoes, corn, a pumpkin roll and pies (the frozen kind). My mom is making the turkey stuffing, gravy and sweet potato souffle; my DIL is bringing green bean casserole and rolls. YUM

Have a great Turkey Day!

Melissa Mann said...

YAY!!! Congrats again on the catwalk!

LOVE that wall hanging you did!

I wish to you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving too!!

Holly said...

Congrats on the catwalk! I absolutely love your Thankful LO! We usually have a huge Thanksgiving dinner for all of the single soldiers in my husband's unit. Obviously, due to the deployment, that won't be happening this year. So, I just get to sit back, relax, and enjoy my mom's cooking. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, girl! :0)

Michelle said...

Congrats on the catwalk. You totally deserve it! Thanks for all of the love.

I took the test and I'm Pumpkin Pie. I adore your lo. The texture is really beautiful. It's my mom's favorite too. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it to the catwalk!!!! Your wall decoration is just STUNNING! Love the border and the house!