Thursday, January 6, 2011

We were drawn from the weeds

I love shopping. I love it even more when its a great deal. The flea market just down the road from me is my fav. Next is the goodwill/thrift stores and antique shops.

On one of my outings I found this lovely candy dish.


This shirt was at the goodwill with the tag still on it.

3.50 from target. Score!

I would also like to share with you my cheap and easy New Years decoration.

You all know I am on a SUPER TIGHT budget.

Most of my decorations are handmade.

I was trying to figure out what to fill my apothecary jars with for the month. I think this was one of the best and cheap ideas I have had so far. I really love it. Used my printer and my paintshop program...Viola!

And I have some lovely beautiful scrappyness to look forward to! I love happy mail. I ♥ AMM! OMG what a way to start out the new year. I cant wait to get this kit. The vintage buttons are to die for.

You might wanna check out the blog.

(used scraps left over from my NOV Girls Loft Kit)I have a post over there sharing this little something. There is tons of inspiration over there.

Lastly I finally scrapped a page. It's been a month or two...maybe 3. Anyway I cant share the whole thing but I can give you a peek. Used my PSA stamps. This one is for their spot on HSN.

A little food for thought, is blogging dead? I have noticed not only on my blog but my friends also a decline in comments. Has FB and Twitter and all those other social medias killed blogging? I say more here then I do on any of my social networks. I will continue to share on my blog regardless. What do you think?



Deer Little Fawn said...

Hello! Thanks for following my blog! Yours is lovely, I'm following you now too :)

Marie-Eve said...

Love your blog so keep it up LOL !
I don't share a lot on social network either, way too public.

Love the new year decorations !

Diane B. said...

I hear you. Seems like people are instead commenting or doing a thumbs up on networked blogs via FB rather than going to people's actual blogs and posting comments. Perhaps I'm old school but I like posting on the actual blog. LOL
Perhaps we should start a grassroots goal to get people off of social networking sites (yeah, like I'm one to talk! LOL) and back to the blogs themselves. I'm in if you are and we can spread the word!

Sarah said...

HI. thanks for following. i love your blog. the header is so beautiful and the sentence in your profile is also beautiful... love it. <3
i hope you had a beautiful weekend and i wish you a blessed new week!
xoxo, pink lady <3